CEO and founder Read Admire began The Urban Food Loop with the goal of reducing food waste in Little Rock. Since 2015, The Urban Food Loop has helped communities turn food waste into compost, a valuable natural resource for local farmers and amateur gardeners alike.

The program also serves as an important reminder of our relationship with food. The Urban Food Loop encourages us to be mindful of what we purchase, what we put in our bodies and how much of those purchases is wasted.

Here’s how it works:

The Urban Food Loop delivers a countertop compost container and an outdoor composting bin. 

Toss food scraps, paper towels and leftovers into the countertop bin, then into the outdoor bin. 

Each week, The Urban Food Loop picks up your outdoor composting bin from your front porch.

At the end of the season, you can opt to have the compost returned to you or donate it to a local community garden.

To sign up, head to The Urban Food Loop’s website. (Bonus: Your first month is free!)