FOX16 News anchor Donna Terrell launched Yoga Warriors Fighting Colon Cancer in 2014 following the loss of her daughter Queah, who practiced yoga to manage the stress and side effects of battling the disease. Now Terrell is teaming up with one of the state’s top treatment facilities to help spread the healing flow.

Last year, the CARTI Cancer Center and Yoga Warriors debuted a series of free sessions led by oncology-trained, certified yoga instructors from the Arkansas Yoga Collective designed for cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers, even if they don’t have a doctor at CARTI.

“Common yoga principles such as meditation, relaxation and concentration not only help improve the overall mood, health and wellbeing of patients, but can also assist in alleviating cancer-related depression, anxiety and insomnia,” CARTI’s Dr. Diane Wilder said.

Terrell calls the partnership a “dream come true,” as Yoga Warriors was inspired by a program at Queah’s out-of-state cancer center. 

“[Queah] told me practicing yoga made her feel a little better from her cancer symptoms and treatments,” Terrell said. “It’s a blessing for us to be able to offer it for free to other cancer survivors, and my hope is that they reap the same benefits as my daughter.”

Terrell also encourages caregivers to take advantage of the sessions in 2018.

“Having been my daughter’s caregiver, I know it’s a difficult job,” she said. “I believe yoga can make a big difference in helping alleviate some of the stress and allow them to refocus and find mental balance.”

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