Heather Canterbury

Ten years ago, we might have laughed at the thought of detoxifying our lives from our daily information overload, but today is a different story.

Nicole Boddington gets it. Copywriter by day, the TRX-certified trainer was inspired to create an experience where women could be empowered through fitness, wellness and togetherness. Thus, Bodd Camp, a three-day getaway in Ponca, was born.

“What makes Bodd Camp so special is what you make of it as a camper, what you bring to camp,” Boddington said, “your attitude, energy, openness, willingness to try new things, willingness to connect. If you need to disconnect or have alone time, that’s okay, too. Whatever you are looking for — fun and fitness, self-love and self-care, nature and adventure, clarity and direction, friendship and togetherness — you can find it here.” 

The first Bodd Camp session took place last fall and included sunrise yoga, hiking in the Ozarks, bootcamp, sunrise barre and healthy meals prepared to accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free campers.

“We all left feeling supported, heard, inspired and empowered,” Boddington said. “One camper described it as feeling ‘super-charged.’”

Heather Canterbury

Bodd Camp 2018 is currently in the works, and Boddington plans on introducing a series of day camps in Little Rock that will condense the kumbaya vibes into one afternoon of fitness, wellness and togetherness.