IM=X Pilates & Fitness Studio

As of late, we’ve seen a significant shift in mindset from an obsession with losing weight to a focus on building strength. Although personal trainers and fitness instructors have been saying this for years, it seems the general populous has finally caught on. We chatted with pilates instructor Emily Allen at IM=X Pilates & Fitness Studio for her insight on this cultural shift.

What do you think of this change in mindset? We love it! We encourage our community of pilates clients to focus on improved body strength and flexibility, increased energy and overall clarity of mind versus using the scale as the main indicator of their progress. Body composition is more than what a scale can tell you.

What is important for people to realize about building strength? Strong and flexible muscles, especially the core, are essential for everyday living. We rely on the core muscles to support a strong back and better posture and perform healthy movement patterns. With increased muscular strength and endurance, folks can perform everyday tasks without getting tired.

How can people build strength without the bulk? Using our pilates reformer equipment (a machine constructed with spring coil resistance and a sliding carriage), we utilize slow, controlled movements stabilizing and recruiting from the core muscles. The technique also trains the body as an integrated whole, versus training in a way that over-develops some parts of the body and neglects others.