Bridge photo courtesy of Arkansas Dept. of Parks & Tourism

Courtney Little, President and General Counsel of ACE Glass | Little Rock cyclists enjoy the night lights of the Junction Bridge.

How did you get into cycling?

I got into cycling in 2008 because I wanted to do lower impact cardio and had friends who liked to cycle and occasionally have a beer afterward. The cycling community is such a good group of people that I was hooked after my first event. I have some great friends who cycle and have met many more friends at events.

What results can you attribute to cycling?

Cycling keeps me pretty fit even when I don’t eat or drink like I should. If it weren’t for cycling, my doctor would have to watch me much more closely. I started running a couple of years before cycling, but my knees and ankles started giving me trouble, so I transitioned to almost exclusively cycling. A few miles a day keeps the doctor (and meds) away.

Where and how often do you ride?

I try to ride 50 or more miles a week. My goal was 2,500 miles for 2017. I only got 1,400 by November, but it’s good to watch my stats to motivate me to do more. [2018] will be better.

Why would you recommend cycling?

You can start out slow in cycling and build up to your goals in ways that many other activities make harder. The cycling community has a very diverse and entertaining bunch of people in it. I have met some of the most community-supporting, fun, interesting and sometimes crazy people at cycling events. After my doctor told me to reduce my running miles, I had to find a way to keep up my cardio. I started exercising to eat and drink what I wanted and fell in love with cycling and the way it made me feel. Now I ride because it’s part of me and I miss it when I don’t ride every couple of days.

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