Exercise photo courtesy of Pure Barre

Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, Founder/Partner of Aptus Financial

How did you get into barre?

Two years ago, my friend Malina Vibhakar recommended that I give it a try. At the time, I felt sluggish and not my usual self, so I was ready for a change. Little did I know that I was four weeks pregnant on my first class! After one class, I realized how challenging barre was, and I was immediately hooked. Luckily, my awesome obstetrician gave me clearance to do it my whole pregnancy with just a few modifications.

What results can you attribute to barre?

The toning is what I love the most. After having three children in four years, getting abdominal muscles back is the biggest challenge, and barre has been very effective at rebuilding those. But it is a total workout, so I also see physical differences in the toning of my arms and legs.

Where and how often do you practice?

I practice at Pure Barre in Pleasant Ridge, and the goal is to go every other day.

Why would you recommend barre?

This is a workout that allows incredible challenges, whether you are on your first or hundredth class. I see myself doing it a long time and joining my fellow classmates who have incredibly strong, healthy bodies.

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